One Day One Dollar:

The Chinese Farming Experience in the Sacramento River Delta, California

By: C.Y. Leung


This book is based on research I conducted between 1979 and 1982. My research was made possible by a grant from the Agricultural Experiment Station of the Unversity of California at Davis and a Summer Faculty Research Development award from the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the same institution.

To learn something of Locke and its people I began interviewing the residents in the summer of 1979 and 1980. At that time forty-some Chinese residents still live in Locke. During these two summers, some twenty people were interviewed, all of them over sixty-five years of age and long-time residents of the town.Two of the people were women, and eighteen were men, and the interviewing had to be done in Cantonese.           --- Peter C.Y. Leung, Asian American Studies, University of California, Davis


Congratulations on the completion of your book, One Day One Dollar. It is a significant historical documentary on the bittersweet struggles of early Chinese immigrant farm laborers who toiled hard to make a living in this country. Moreover, you have been able to record for posterity their social and economic lives. This book, I feel, is a significant contribution to understanding the role of Chinese in the development of early California agriculture.                --- March Fong Eu, California Secretary of State


The written record of the Chinese immigrants in California's Delta is minuscule and hard to find. Their contributions, on the other hand, are large and readily apparent throughout meandering waterways and farmlands of the Delta. Your addition to the historical record fills a large gap and chronicles for all of us, Chinese and non-Chinese alike, the very important role these hardworking immigrants played in the settling of California.                 --- John Garamendi, California Senate Majority Leader


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