Chinese Cultural Shop        



Chinese Cultural Shop offers the best available Chinese educational and cultural products to families with an interest in Chinese culture. Our collection includes books, language textbooks, music CDs, games, cards, crafts, and resource materials for parents and teachers.  We also have a good selection of books and  materials about Feng Shui. Whatever you’re looking for reading materials about the Chinese culture, you can find it here! We also carry a good selection of tea from China.




   We open Wednesday thru Sunday from 11.00 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information please call (916)776-1684

Books available for online purchase: (Click at books for details)           


 One Day One Dollar                   Bitter Melon                                        

     $   16.95                                     $21.95                                               



 Bittersweet Roots                            Samfow                             California's Chinese Heritage                     Canton Footprints

    DVD $19.95                                    $14.95                                              $18.00                                                   $20.00



               150 years Chinese Presence