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The entire town of  Locke is a historical site.  Special places to visit or see include:

      Locke Boarding House Visitors’ Center  

           An exhibit and research facility open to the public free of charge.

      Chinese Association Museum 

     Former home of the Jan Ying Benevolent Association.

          Locke Chinese School

    A language school for the children of Locke established in 1926.

          Locke Memorial Park and Monument

    Dedicated to the Chinese who built the railroad, levees, and agriculture of California and the town of Locke.

       Dai Loy Museum

   An exhibit of Chinese gambling paraphernalia.

       Al the Wop’s Saloon and Restaurant

           Early operation included a brothel.

       Locke Garden Restaurant

    Chinese restaurant that at one time housed Locke’s first saloon and gambling hall.

         Chinese Cultural Shop


       Locke Art Center


       Strange Cargo


        Locke Chinese Medicine


      Ning Hou's Art Gallery


      Connie’s Toilet Garden

    A collection of planters made from discarded toilets of past Chinese residents.

       Locke Community Garden

    Established during World War II as a victory garden.

       Lockeport Hotel

    The first building in Locke.

                                                                                  Locke Map